About our pension fund

How our fund is organised

Provisum is a company pension fund and administers the pension schemes for C&A Nederland C.V. and for companies or legal entities designated by C&A. Provisum has its own board of trustees. It is accountable and it monitors our pension fund. The board of trustees is responsible for policy and is supported in this by various board committees.

The accountability body assesses the fund's actions and also advises the board of trustees, thus participating in decision-making. Internal supervision is in the hands of a supervisory board. This is made up of three independent experts. The pension office is Provisum's executive organisation.

To reduce integrity risks, Provisum has drawn up a code of conduct. This code consists of rules and guidelines for anyone involved with the pension fund.

The accountability body

The accountability body is made up of employer, employee and pensioner representatives. The accountability body issues an annual assessment on the board of trustees' actions, based on the annual report, the annual accounts and other information. This assessment by the accountability body is published in the annual report accompanied by the board of trustees' response. Additionally, the accountability body advises the board of trustees on various matters.

The pension office

The pension office knows the pension scheme from A to Z. You can approach us directly with all your questions about your Provisum pension. Please call us on 020-6213 891 or email us at info@provisum.nl. Would you like additional information about your pension overview or value transfer? Please get in touch with us for this and any other questions.


What do we do at the pension office?

The pension office is Provisum's executive organisation. It is headed by director Joost van Engers. He also supports the board of trustees in matters of policy. He is a member of the Executive Board of the pension fund alongside Natascha Endema (adjunct director).

The pension office also handles:

  • the administration of pension claims;
  • pension payments;
  • communication with individual participants.

If you have a lengthy enquiry, you may also visit us. Please make an appointment beforehand.

Would you like to know more?

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