Five Life events

  • Incapacity for work

If you become incapable for work, your pension accrual will continue (in part) and any payment of a monthly pension premium deducted from your salary will lapse. Ongoing pension accrual depends upon the extent of your incapacity for work. For further information, please consult the incapacity for work and pension brochure.

  • Retirement in The Netherlands

When you retire, you will receive a retirement pension from Provisum. This is in addition to the AOW. The AOW is the pension that you receive from the Dutch government upon reaching AOW pension age. Approximately six months before you reach AOW pension age, you will automatically receive a message from us about your Provisum pension. Are you considering early retirement? Please get in touch with us by email: Or call us on 020 - 6213 891.

The amount of the pension you receive from Provisum depends on:

The retirement pension is paid out monthly, for as long as you live. You can find the amount of your retirement pension on your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) and at

  • Leaving employment

Taking up new employment for a new employer has consequences for your pension. Your pension accrual at Provisum will stop and in most cases you will be able to transfer your accrued pension to your new employer's pension scheme.

The amount of your accrued pension determines whether your pension is transferred automatically by Provisum or whether you need to take action yourself.

  • In the event of your death

In the event of your death, partner’s pension will be paid out to your partner and any children. The following partners are eligible for the partner's pension:

Partner’s pension is paid out if you die and for as long as your partner is living. Orphan’s pension is paid out if you die and until your child reaches 18 years of age (or until 27 years of age if your child is a student).

Please note: if you start co-habiting or get married after retirement this partner will not be eligible for a partner’s pension after your death. Even if you have been together for years.

  • Entering employment

If you start working at C&A or another company or legal entity designated by C&A, you will automatically start accruing your pension with Provisum. You must be aged 20 years and above for this. You may have already accrued pension from other workplaces. You can see this at

Have you accrued pension elsewhere? In most cases you can transfer this to Provisum.

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