New pension rules

New pensions rules are on their way. These rules will apply from 1 July 2023. You will receive a new pension scheme by 1 January 2027 at the latest. Employers and employees (social partners) will determine the form of the new pension scheme. Read more about it here.

Why new rules?

The existing rules for pensions are no longer adequate. Due to their dependence on interest rates, pensions have become increasingly expensive. And existing rules insist that we maintain high buffers. That comes at the expense of your pension. The new pension law increases the chance of a pension aligned with the cost of living. We are also ageing and the labour market is changing. The new pension law takes this in account. But a pension is an employment benefit. The employers and the works council decide on this together. This is why they will discuss a new pension scheme together. This must follow the new rules that will apply to everyone, young and old, whether you are currently working or have already retired.

What is being retained and what is changing?

The following is retained

  • The AOW
  • Retirement’s pension
  • Occupational disability pension
  • Partner’s and orphan’s pension

The following changes

  • You get your own pension capital
  • The amount of your pension contribution is no longer linked to your age.
  • From now on, the amount of your pension will depend on the investments and the pension premium
  • Your pension will fluctuate more with the economy

Your new pension scheme

You need to know that you will get a new pension scheme, probably as soon as 2025. Then we will also know what the new pension scheme means for you personally.

The steps we have taken and are still to take to introduce the new pension scheme are as follows:

Planning Nieuwe pensioenregels.jpg

What is going to happen to your current pension scheme?

The new Future Pensions Act states that the current scheme will be transferred to the new pension scheme as a standard unless this is financially disadvantageous for you. We do not know this yet.

Would you like to know more?

Please visit uw nieuwe pensioenregeling